What's going on?

What's going on? You can't rush perfection! Have you heard of this famous saying? It has never been more relevant to me until this year, or to be precise this last few months of Honours. At this pace I'm going, please, as if I can go any faster anyway!

October 21, 2010

so take a picture.

people often resort to taking pictures to store and freeze good memories, so they don't get lost somewhere in our tiny brain as we make way for more.. so that during one of those gloomy days, when you need a bit of a mood lift, you can always crawl back to these memories that colour you life.. that define you.

this feels surreal. today feels surreal. i was meant to send in my thesis (which btw is still a piece of crap as for now..) today at 4pm sharp but i got an extension. and i don't know why, somehow, when time usually pass you by so quickly during those rush hours, it just does not this time around. like, i could still be out surveying for hiking packs in Toowong today when i freaking need to just wrap myself in a blanket to get the writing done. but i could, and time is still around, weirdly.

i am not complaining, don't get me wrong. my point is, as surprised as i am to how merciful time is treating me this time around, i am cherishing every bit of it. this year has been such a BIG thing, with the koala conservation that i have been intensely involved with. it opens doors, it channels many wonders for my mind to feast on. and ya Allah, i just want you to know that i have never been more grateful, ever, in my life with the opportunities that You have showered on me this year. it all comes down to this one last week, and how i wish it doesn't end.

i don't know what exactly am i writing about. maybe this is a letter to God, to thank Him. for the wealth in knowledge and possibilities He bestow upon me, and for the time He spare for me when i need it. i mean, come on... i really am putting my procrastinator mask on at this very moment to show how much time i have left before the thesis is due next week.

so go on, take a picture of your favourite days.

frame it in your mind anyway there is, coz moments like this are just too sad to be forgotten. and as for myself, this blog is my picture :)

have a good week!

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